Property Managers - We know what you want
A majority of the projects we have completed end up being managed by professional property managers. We know what property managers want. Property managers want to make one phone call and know they will get prompt professional service at a fair price. Property managers are too busy to make repeated calls to their vendors. Property managers want to make the call and forget it until we call back to let them know the service, repair or test was completed.
New building, we are here to help
If you are a property manager responsible for buildings in Southern California, we would like to be of service to you. We offer a program called a "New Building, No Problem" survey. Call us with information about a new building that you have taken over and we will conduct a site survey to let you know what fire system the building has and what testing or service they may need. This can be a tremendous help in getting your new buildings up to speed. Please call or email, , if we can be of assistance.