Get the help you need to sell, install and design fire alarm systems
Companies around the world partner together for their mutual benefit. The practice goes by differing names, alliance, networking, partnering alliance, strategic partnering and strategic alliances. By whatever name it is called the result is the same, companies work together so both succeed.
Our partnering experience has been beneficial and we invite others to participate. Lets see if we can benefit, support, and strengthen each other.
We bring to our alliance partners the following: (some or all)

Fire alarm consulting services.
Our ability to interpret local codes and meet specific design requirements.
Design and drafting services.
Our ability to understand and satisfy local Fire Prevention Officials.
Compliance with UL requirements and issuance of UL Certificates for an installation.
Remote station monitoring from our UL listed central station.
Twenty years of fire alarm sales, installation and service experience.

Our partners usually bring: (some or all)

One of your clients who needs a fire alarm system.
A project which has been sold, but now needs to be designed and installed.
A project that needs to be installed, programmed and pass inspection.
A client you want to keep, but you also want to satisfy the client's fire alarm needs.

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