Fire Alarm Testing and Reg 4 Certification
We see hundreds of fire alarm systems per month and the unfortunate fact is that most fire alarm systems are not maintained properly. National and State standards specify how often fire alarm system components need to be tested. In the State of California the testing can be summarized (applicable in most California areas) as:
  • Test all fire sprinkler water flow and tamper switches quarterly.
  • Test the entire fire alarm system, manual stations, smoke detectors, audible and visual devices annually.

The need for regular, documented testing can not be emphasized enough. Do not sell a building and its occupants short on the protection they deserve. Make sure that the fire alarm system will be ready to warn and protect in the event of a fire.

To test a fire alarm system in the City of Los Angeles, a company is required to be Reg. 4 (Regulation 4) certified. This is a program in the City of Los Angeles where fire alarm testing companies go before a Fire Department Board and prove that each tester (technician) knows what they are doing and will conduct a test thoroughly and properly. On more or less an annual basis, the Los Angeles Fire Department will ask all building owner/managers for proof of their Reg. 4 certification.

We have Reg. 4 certified technicians to handle testing of your fire alarm and communicator systems. We would like to be of service and can be contacted at telephone or email - .