UL Listing of a fire alarm system - Purpose, Benefits, and Cost
In Southern California a number of cities require UL certification of building fire alarm systems. First a company must become UL listed, after which that company can provide UL certificates for individual fire alarm systems. The cities requiring UL certificates for fire alarm systems are generally assured of the following:
  • The fire alarm system was installed in accordance with the system design plans.
  • The fire alarm system was installed and tested properly.
  • The fire alarm system is being tested on a regular basis.
  • Should service become necessary, it will be completed promptly and professionally.

At last count from the UL listed fire alarm company directory there were less that 600 UL listed fire alarm companies in the United States. Those of us that have met the requirements have established one more confirmation of our commitment to quality and safety in the fire alarm industry.

In the fire alarm industry, like most, you can find companies that range from great quality and service to downright awful. Underwriters Laboratories is known around the world as they review and approve products for their quality and safety. UL also has a method to review and approve fire alarm companies and the fire alarm systems they install.

Underwriters Laboratory approvals for the fire alarm industry come in two ways. First a company must apply for and obtain UL listing for their company. After becoming listed, the company may issue certificates for specific fire alarm systems.

The cost from UL to participate in the program is considerable. In addition, UL charges us for each certificate issued on a fire alarm system. The fees to participate in the program, issue each certificate, and pay for the annual UL inspection are all included in the fee we charge to you, our customers, for UL certification. Billing for UL listing and certificate cover the services detailed above.

How Companies and Fire alarms become and maintain UL Listing

If a fire alarm company believes they can meet the stringent requirements of Underwriters Laboratories they may apply to become "UL listed". Underwriters Laboratories sends a field engineer to the applicant company. The UL engineer reviews the company operation and conducts a field inspection of some of the company's fire alarm installations. If the applicant company and their work meets the UL standards, the company is approved and is considered by Underwriters Laboratory as a "UL listed company".

UL listed companies may issue UL certificates on individual fire alarm systems. Once every year the UL listed company receives a visit from a UL inspection engineer. The UL inspection engineer randomly selects from the UL certificates the company has issued and conducts an on site inspection of the selected fire alarm systems. By this procedure the UL listed company is required to install, maintain and service each UL certified fire alarm in accordance with the high standards that UL has established.