It is our hope that this page will provide our clients with the Year 2000 answers they need. Experience is proving that most client requesting assurance of year 2000 compliance, want it in writing.

For those needing assurance of year 2000 compliance in writing, please e-mail () or write our office with the following information:

  • your name and address
  • the name and address of the building
  • the manufactures name and model of fire alarm panel for which you would like year 2000 certification

With this information we will complete a year 2000 compliance or non-compliance letter for you without charge. If you do not have the manufacturers name and model for the fire alarm panel there is a charge for an on site year 2000 compliance inspection. For $65 we will visit the fire alarm system in question (Southern California only) and will issue a year 2000 compliance or non-compliance letter.

For those of you wanting general information concerning year 2000 compliance. The majority of fire alarm panels installed by our company over the past 20 years ARE year 2000 compliant. This is because they do not store any date information; consequently there is not any year 2000 compliance concern. In the cases where we have installed a fire control panel that is not year 2000 compliant, you will have already been contacted by us.